Video Converter Youtube

Convert YouTube videos to MP4, WEBP, WEBM, MP3, AAC, M4A format for free, at the highest quality available.

Say goodbye to buffering and unclear videos with our video converter YouTube. which lets you save videos as MP4 and WEBM files so you can play back the lectures, tutorials and funny compilations when you have no internet connection. Our converter is entirely free to use, and we won’t ask you to create an account. Let’s walk you through the process of how to use our YouTube to MP4 Converter.

How to Use Our Video Converter YouTube?

  1. Copy the URL of the video you wish to download as an MP4 file.
  2. Head over to our YouTube to MP4 converter, paste the link in the text box and hit Download.
  3. Select a file type and video resolution. We recommend going with a 1080p, MP4 file in case if you are downloading tutorials.
  4. After clicking on a video resolution, a new page will open in your browser, prompting you to confirm saving the converted video.

What Makes Our YouTube Video Converter Standout?

Easy to Use

Our tool is super fast and easy to use, you don’t need to register any account; just open the site for video converter, and after pasting the video URL, get your converted YouTube video within seconds. Our site UI is very responsive and user-friendly.

Downloads Without Restriction

. You can easily convert unlimited YouTube videos into MP4 or MP3 or in the formats you want to download them through YT2MP3.


Our YouTube Converter Tool is web-based, enabling you to convert videos from any browser on your phone or laptop without installing additional software. Open your browser on any device and save videos as MP4s through our converter.

Virus Free Tool

Unlike some questionable services, security and safety are top priorities with our YouTube to MP4 converter. You’ll get your downloads without risking exposure to malware or viruses.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The YT2MP3 converter works on anything that runs a browser and produces high-quality MP4 files within seconds that you can view them on any device. The web-based solution offers a fast and simple way to save YouTube videos for offline or mobile viewing across all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Benefits of Saving Videos as MP4 Files

Small File Size: MP4s are compressed files, but the evolution of video encoding techniques such as H.264 and HEVC lets us squeeze as much video data as possible without bulky file sizes.

Easy Editing: All renowned video editors have native support for editing MP4 files. So if you wish to add someone else’s clip to your own YouTube video, you can use our video converter for YouTube to grab the MP4 file and use it in your video editor without encoding errors.

Streamable: MP4 files are designed with streaming in mind. Since you can play MP4 files directly from any device, you can make a mini server to make your favorite YouTube videos available through a NAS for all of your devices connected over the same Wi-Fi network.

Metadata Support: Just like MP3, MP4 files also have support for embedding metadata for things like video chapters, artist names, subtitles and episode numbers (for a TV show).

Universal Compatibility: MP3s are for average audio nerds, whereas MP4s are for average video nerds. You can playback an MP4 video on many high end and low end devices, be it your Android smartphone or your kitted-out PC rig, or a weak smart TV. They will all play the TikTok compilation just fine which you just downloaded from YouTube.


Q: Does this converter work on YouTube Shorts?

Yes, our video converter YouTube works on saving YouTube shorts as well.

Q: Will I get in trouble if I send saved videos to my family?

You won’t get in trouble for doing that but the second you start selling these videos to your friends, you are in for a trouble.

Q: Can I also use this website to save music from YouTube Music?

Yes, our YouTube to MP3 Converter also works well with YouTube Music.