Youtube to MP3 Converter Free
9 February 2024

Youtube to MP3 Converter Free

Youtube to MP3 Converter Free

Have you ever come across a song on YouTube but wished you could add it to your personal music library or playlist? Well, look no further than YT2MP3 – a free online tool that lets you easily convert YouTube videos to MP3 files with just a few clicks. YT2MP3 is a web-based YouTube to MP3 converter free[ly] allows anyone to transform their favorite YouTube videos into digital music files that you can save, edit, and play on smartphones, computers, tablets or any other device that supports MP3 files. You no longer have to rely on third-party downloaders or paid conversion sites to extract audio from YouTube – simply paste the URL of any public YouTube video, select your output quality and format, and let YT2MP3 do the work of extracting and saving the MP3 for you.

Legality and Copyright Concerns of Using YouTube to MP3 Converter Free

You should only use YT2MP3 to convert publicly available content on YouTube for which you have express permission from the copyright owner. It should not be used to download or convert copyrighted content without permission.

While YT2MP3 aims to comply with fair use principles, it is the user’s responsibility to determine whether usage falls under fair use or infringes any applicable copyright laws. The author, publisher and owner of this blog cannot be held responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of copyrighted content by readers or third parties.

Upon using YT2MP3, you agree that you are solely responsible for compliance with applicable copyright laws and will not use them for illegal or unauthorized downloading of copyrighted content without permission.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 for Free?

Using the YT2MP3 YouTube to MP3 Converter is easy. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1 – Copy the YouTube Video URL:
⦁ Begin by copying the URL of your preferred YouTube video.

Step 2 – Access our Online Converter: 
⦁ Open any browser of your choice and type “”

Step 3 – Paste the URL: 
⦁ Once you land on the converter, paste in the video URL you just copied or just click “Paste from Clipboard” and we’ll grab the URL for you.

Step 4 – Initiate Conversion:
⦁  After pasting the URL, click the download button to start the conversion process.
Step 5 – Select an Audio Quality and File Format: 
⦁ After clicking the Download button, you will be greeted with different quality options and file formats to select. Pick one that fits well with your needs.

Step 5 – Download the Audio File:
⦁ Once you pick an audio bitrate and file format, a new page will open to initiate the download. Your converted MP3 file will download automatically.
Step 6 – Check the MP3 File: 
⦁ Make sure the downloaded MP3 file is of your chosen quality and accurately relates to the YouTube video you selected before closing the browser or website.

YouTube to MP3 Converter Free

Potential Risks and Security Concerns for Users

Here are the possible risks and security concerns for using other YouTube to MP3 converters:

Exposure to Malware

Other free YouTube to MP3 conversion sites and software expose users to malware and privacy risks. Since these alternatives often rely on unclear or questionable funding models, some may bundle downloaders with unwanted add-ons, viruses or ransomware without you even knowing. After installation, they could load suspicious toolbars or change your browser settings and search engines. In rare cases, they have even been caught stealing login credentials or mining cryptocurrency in the background. Our converted downloads don’t contain any viruses or keyloggers.

Selling of Your Accounts on Dark Web

Some less reputable YouTube to MP3 downloaders secretly steal user login credentials. These programs scan your computer for saved passwords in browsers and password managers. Once these programs finish their scans, the stolen login details are often resold on underground hacking forums and dark web markets. Unsuspecting users may then find their YouTube, email or financial accounts compromised. In contrast, YT2MP3 operates safely without requiring you to install anything or use sketchy browser extensions.

Consequences of Distributing Copyrighted Content

Although YT2MP3 YouTube to MP3 Converter free[ly] allows you to convert public YouTube videos for personal use, distributing copyrighted content without permission is illegal. Uploading songs, videos, or other copyrighted works to platforms or sharing them without the creator’s consent will result in serious legal consequences. Copyright owners have the right to pursue legal action, such as copyright infringement claims, against individuals who distribute their works unlawfully. This may involve fines, lawsuits, or in some cases even jail time. Streaming pirated content or operating sites that enable piracy has led to severe penalties including charges and five-figure fines in the US and EU. So you should only convert public YouTube videos for your own listening.


Q: Is YT2MP3 safe to use?

Yes, our YouTube to MP3 converter is a safe, website-based converter that does not require any downloads or plugins. It poses zero risks of malware, credential theft or account hijacking like some other YouTube to MP3 softwares do. [cough cough VidMate]

Q: Can I share the MP3s I converted from YouTube?

No, you should only use YT2MP3 to convert public YouTube videos for personal use. Distributing copyrighted audio files without permission is illegal.

Q: Are there any risks with other YouTube converters?

Some free alternatives bundle unwanted adware/malware or steal user credentials. They may hijack accounts or mine cryptocurrency secretly. Our converter avoids these risks through its simple website-based model that doesn’t require additional downloads.

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