Convert YouTube to MP4 for Easy Video Downloading
12 February 2024

Convert YouTube to MP4 for Easy Video Downloading

Convert YouTube to MP4 for Easy Video Downloading

Saving YouTube videos as MP4 files allows you to watch tutorials, lectures or compilations offline or on devices without built-in support for YouTube. Many people like to download YouTube videos so they are able to view it when they have no internet connection during long flights or commutes. Others want to access videos on devices that don’t have the YouTube app, like some TVs. Converting YouTube videos to MP4 extracts the file from YouTube and saves it in a universally playable format that you can store locally and play them anywhere. This blog post will cover how our YouTube to MP4 converter will let you save YouTube videos as MP4 files.

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Why Convert YouTube to MP4?

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 makes watching them better in many ways. MP4 files work well on phones, computers, and smart TVs. They’re smaller than other video file types, making saving and sharing easier. This is helpful if your device has limited space or if you like sharing videos online.

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 also lets you watch them without streaming them online. Streaming means watching videos while connected, but sometimes the internet could be slower. You can watch videos anytime, even without the internet if you have such videos as MP4 files. This is especially useful if you’re on a plane, in a place without Wi-Fi, or want to watch without interruptions. Thus, having your favourite YouTube videos in MP4 format makes watching them much easier, no matter where you are.

Exploring Online Converter Options

If you want to change YouTube videos into MP4s, YT2MP3 is a good choice. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to install anything extra. Just open it in your web browser. It quickly converts videos into MP4s, so you don’t have to wait long. But before you use any converter, make sure it is secure and it works.

Step-by-Step Conversion Process

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 is easier. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Find the YouTube Video: Go to YouTube and find the video you want to convert.
  2. Copy the Video Link: Right-click on the video and choose “Copy video link.”
  3. Paste the Link: Go to a and paste the link where it says to.
  4. Start Converting: Click “Download” to begin downloading the video.
  5. Get Your MP4 File: Open the “Downloads” folder to verify that the video you choose to save as MP4 is available.

Pros and Cons 


  • Watch Anytime: When you convert YouTube videos to MP4, you can watch them without needing the internet. It’s handy when you’re in a bus or somewhere with no Wi-Fi.
  • Better Quality: MP4 keeps videos looking and sounding good. You will retain a clear picture and sound quality when you save videos as MP4 files.
  • Works Everywhere: MP4 files are playable on lots of devices. You won’t have trouble watching whether it’s your phone, tablet, computer, or TV.


  • Can’t Download Everything: Sometimes, converting videos could break the rules about who owns them. You need permission from the video creator to save their work as MP4 files.
  • Fewer Features: Some converters only do few things. They might not let you do things like bulk-saving lots of videos at once or edit them.
  • Need internet First: You must be online to get the videos first. If you’re in a place without internet, you can’t convert and watch later.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Before you convert YouTube videos to MP4, make sure it’s okay to do so. Only download videos for yourself or if the creator agrees to let you do so. Don’t share or make money from downloaded videos without permission, because that’s unethical and you could get in trouble.


Converting YouTube to MP4 files is an easy and helpful way to make watching them better. If you want to watch videos without the internet or make your own playlists, online converters such as YT2MP3 are a great choice. Just follow the steps in this guide and follow the rules. Then, you can enjoy your favorite YouTube stuff easily. No more waiting for videos to load or dealing with internet problems.


Q: Is it legal to download YouTube videos as MP4?
It depends. Downloading for personal use is usually okay, but you need permission from the creator to share or use downloaded videos for commercial purposes. Always respect copyright.

Q: What video quality does this YouTube to MP4 converter offer?
This converter allows you to choose between different video quality levels like 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p. Higher qualities result in larger file sizes.

Q: Can I use this converter to save YouTube videos as audio files?

Yes, the YT2MP3 YouTube to MP3 converter lets you save your favorite YouTube videos as MP3 or WAV audio files.

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